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Ashton Lorelle

Playing Allison Lee

Ashton Lorelle is a Latin ex-politician turned Pixar’s Cars conspiracy theorist. Despite studying International Relations at a private university in Seoul and being an academic author, she has found a home in all things tabletop, RP, acting, and Michael Caine impressions. She wrote and produced her own scripted podcast, Friday Knight Fights, and regularly talks about the meaning of life on her other show, Written in the Cars. When she doesn’t have makeup on, Ashton can be found designing and sewing various outfits, or cuddling with her dog, Zuko, who is on her lap at all times.

Zoe Shombert

Playing Millie Jane Clarkford

Zoe Shombert is living her dreams as an actor in New York City. She performs all over New York City in the “Very Good Improv” troupe and is finally being the theater kid she always wanted to be. She is also currently procrastinating on starting a podcast and writing a novel. One day, Zoe! When she’s not acting or improving somewhere in New York City, she’s cuddling and smooching her kitten, Clover, who follows her around all day and sleeps on Zoe’s face every night.

Chris Szumski

Playing James Shore

Christopher Szumski is an amateur podcaster, gamer and "comedian." You can currently hear him on Refugees of Esmerelda, the upcoming APON Plays Podcast and anything else he can con the guys in letting him on.

Regan Teller

Playing Jupiter Jet

Regan Teller is an actor presently residing at the top of Manhattan. Their upbringing in the wholesome Midwest left them with the seldom employed skills of sheep milking and throwing hay bales. They appeared in an off-Broadway production based on Dungeons and Dragons, the brief run of the television show Katy Keene, and numerous commercials. They wrote and acted in a production based on love of all things Halloween. A longtime parent of reptiles, including snake Slade and gecko Ghost. When not sending you reels on social media, they can be found either out with friends plotting, at home cosplaying, or playing video games, subsisting on Mountain Dew and spicy foods.

Renée Vito

Playing Sergio Steele

Reneé Vito is a Filipina-American performer, creative, and casual wine enthusiast based in New York. She began singing and acting on stages at a young age, and has only added to her credits ever since. Her biggest joy in life is connecting and sharing experiences with other people through characters and storytelling, and is currently pursuing this joy through her work on The Worst Days and Wrought of Amber. Reneé also writes and performs under the band HeadHum, a beacon of light conceived with her husband during the dark days of the quarantine. On her days off, Reneé can be found playing video games on various consoles, napping with her two cats, or nestled at a wine bar with a good book.