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What is The Worst Days?

The Worst Days is a modern Horror TTRPG in which players learn to know and care about their characters before watching them meet horrific ends at the hands of supernatural evils. Focused on social interactions between characters and played in modern settings, The Worst Days invites players to forget that they are in a horror game…until they can’t.


A Game About Relationships

The Worst Days is a horror game about building relationships with other characters so that you care what happens to them. Games focus on social situations, humor, and making every-day decisions before launching characters into the gaping maw of terror.


Immersive Settings

The Worst Days delves into modern settings from the 1950's until the present. From the beach and the burger-stand to the carnival and the mall, The Worst Days invites players into rich settings for their characters to work, play, grow...and die in.