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The Worst Days is a Slice-of-Life meets Supernatural Horror TTRPG. Players will spend time building their characters through slice-of-life social encounters, exploring relationships with other players and NPCs. And after characters have been developed into deep, rich personalities, they will face overwhelming horror that will most likely consume them by the end of the adventure.

The Worst Days focuses on character building and social interaction in service of horror. The best horror comes when you care about characters, and when their personalities, hopes, and relationships are deep enough that their deaths, transformations, or monstrous fates will leave players with a real sense of horror at the end of an adventure.

The Patreon is a place where we release new content monthly for people who want NPCs, locations, and adventure arcs to play in the Worst Days. It's a way of supporting the development of the game for only a couple of bucks a month, and building out your library of content. 


Games in The Worst Days should range from 6-10 sessions on average (assuming a session is about 2 hours). This gives players enough time to get to know and care about their characters, and to build relationships and personalities for their characters. They can, of cousre go longer. Our Adventures "Perilous Peak," "Midnight on the Mountain," and "Roller Rink" are all longer-form adventures that we found extremely gratifying.

While it's technically possible to do a one-shot, the goal of The Worst Days is to take time with your characters and grow to know and love them, even if they are a little complicated and difficult sometimes. The horror of the game comes from having your characters, who you've built this bond with, face overwhelming supernatural horror. That tends not to work very well when you've only spent a couple of hours with them. So, while you can do it, we don't recommend it.

Destinations are modular adventure settings that we will be building out through our Adventure Arcs and Source Guides. Each Destination is able to be used as a whole, with richly detailed locations for players to move between, or as a resource for locations for your own adventures. You can use Singleton as a whole town to set your adventure in (and call it whatever you like) or you can pluck its movie theater, bowling alley, and high school out and drop them into your own setting.

Sure! We love to send out review copies to news sites, social media reviewers, and podcasters/live streamers. Just send us a message at Days (at) and tell us about yourself, where you publish reviews/live streams/podcasts, and a little about your audience. We don't have strict rules about audience sizes or anything like that, but it's good to know. Sending relevant links is helpful, as well as whether you'd like your copy on or DriveThruRPG will help expedite things.