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The Worst Days Is Live!

February 28, 2024

Launch Image of young people hiking into the woods

After three and a half years of play-testing, The Worst Days releases its .9 version today on The Worst Days, a TTRPG by JWG Wise (Weeping Cedars), is a horror game that tries to make its players forget that they’re in a horror game by having them spend time in fun and dramatic social situations drawn from everyday life. Players will spend most of each adventure working at a mall in the 1980s, driving down to the shore in the 1960s, or going to parties in the desert in the 2000’s. The horror breaks in only after players have come to know, love, and identify with their characters. And when the adventure is over, players are left with the horror of seeing the characters they developed and invested in torn to pieces or left with life-altering despair.

The Worst Days uses a D6 system, focuses heavily on character creation through group discussion, prolonged role-play, and may be played as classic or tragic horror. If played as a classic horror game, some characters may live to struggle for survival another day. If played as a tragic horror adventure, The Worst Days leaves only the memory of the characters with the players.

The .9 version of the game comes with everything you need to play The Worst Days in a PDF, including rules, a short-rules sheet for players, a character survey to help with character creation, two sample adventures (one in the PDF, one to be released in March), and three months of free Patreon content. Purchasers of the .9 version will get all .9x and 1.x updates to the PDF going forward. An interactive Character Sheet is also provided.

The developer will spend the next six months listening to feedback on the .9 version before releasing the 1.0 version on multiple platforms, with plans for a Print on Demand version.

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